Our Woman of the Week (WOW) award is designed to showcase great Women in our community. Click below to recognize someone who makes a difference to you!



CWIM is proud to introduce our WOW awards. Do you know someone who is making a difference in the lives of their patients, their colleagues and/or friends and families? Do you wish there was an award for just being great but not necessarily in big way? We are an organization built on interesting and intelligent women who work at challenging jobs and we deserve to be recognized!  So we would like you to take a moment to recognize someone who makes a difference to you!


how to nominate

Nominating someone is easy - just write a few sentences about someone that you think would make a great WOW recipient. Make sure you have their email because we will be letting them know about your nomination and asking them for a photo. Everyone gets photo approval! We will have a new WOW recipient every week and will share our winners on our social media.

WOW Submission

Thank you for your nomination!


Dr. Tonja Stothart

Dr. Tonja Stothart is a dedicated ER doc who has been extra busy working the vaccine file at Health Canada for the past year. She is a mom to two beautiful kids and makes the world’s greatest cinnamon buns. These and many other reasons are why she is our Woman of the Week!


Dr. Liana Hwang

Dr. Liana Hwang organized our first ever Canadian Woman Physician’s Day and was recently a huge part of a mass vaccination effort for a vulnerable group of essential workers at Cargill. She is an outdoor enthusiast who loves her fur babies. These are just some of the reasons why she is our Woman of the Week!


Dr. Kamila Premji

Dr. Kamila Premji is a dedicated family doctor who is currently working on her PhD. She has been a key part of CWIM since its inception and her organizational skills keep us all in check. She may also be the nicest person on the planet. Do we really need any other reason to make her our Woman of the Week?